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Rappahannock County Library Acceptable Use Internet Policy

Rappahannock County Library is dedicated to open access to information for the public. Internet access is available to library patrons in good standing.  Patrons and guests without their library cards must present a valid form of identification when they sign up to use Internet terminals.

Internet Use Policies

  • Not all sources on the Internet provide information that is accurate, complete, current, legal or acceptable to all citizens. The Rappahannock County Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, that arise from the use of its web server or from its connection to other Internet services.
  • Access to computers is limited to those individuals who have a library card in good standing and who are 12 years old or older. Children under 12 may bring a parent or guardian to access the Internet together. The parent or guardian is solely responsible for determining what information may or may not be appropriate for their child to access or observe.
  • Internet terminals are available on a first-come, first-served basis, unless reserved beforehand.
  • The library is a public space. Material accessed on or retrieved from the Internet may be offensive to some or may not be appropriate to display to others.
  • Computer use may be limited to one hour per user per day at the library’s discretion.
  • Users will limit their time to 30 minutes if others are waiting for an Internet terminal.
  • Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the loss of Internet access.

Acceptable Use

The Rappahannock County Library expects staff and patrons to use responsibly the electronic resources it provides. There are federal and state laws that prohibit access to certain materials and resources. See [18 U.S.C. Secs. 1030, 1462, 1465 and Code of Virginia sections 18.2-152.1 et seq., 18.2-374 et seq.]

Internet terminals may not be used for the following purposes:

  •  Violation of any applicable federal, state or local laws, ordinances, rules or regulations;
  • Destruction of or damage to equipment, software or data belonging to the library or others;
  • Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any computing, information or communications devices or resources;
  • Disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications;
  • Unauthorized copying of copyrighted or other protected material;
  • Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes or network identification numbers assigned to others;
  • Violation of software license agreements;
  • Violation of the privacy or another person or party;
  • Any and all other matters which the library, in its sole discretion, and in consideration of the best interests of the public, determines to be an unacceptable purpose.

Filtering Requirement

The Rappahannock County Library has applied filtering software to its Internet terminals in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Under this law, if you are over age 17, you have the right to ask that the filter be turned off. Proof of age may be required.



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